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About the company

Our company has arisen from a privatised company (Factory of Spare Elements for Knitting Machines) in March 1993, becoming the continuator of the best traditions in dozens of years of the plant history. We have an iron and non-ferrous metals foundry with a shop of mechanical working, heat treatment and plastic working. The iron foundry makes casts applying a manual system of casting with the use of cores made of sand or resins. Modelling is done in our own pattern-shop, on the basis of drawings or a reliable model. The iron foundry has the possibility to cast about 60 tons a month and has free capacity. The department of mechanical working has a universal stock of machines and numerically controlled machine tools. It allows to manufacture a lot of complex parts for machines. We have lathes, milling machines, grinders for shafts, holes and surfaces; and a boring machine, a slotter, a jig borer, machines for gears teeth cutting with different methods. Presently, thanks to the great experience of our management stuff and workers, the company manufactures parts for machines on the basis of drawings or examples of damaged parts.Our company, thanks to the rationalisation of fixed costs, great flexibility and the possibility fo carring out the whole technological process in one plant, is able to offer very convenient conditions of co-operation. We are co-operating with many companies of world-wide reputation, in Poland and abroad. We have the possibility of producing other elements, after confirming the technical capacity for realisation out of different materials (non-ferrous metals, steel, iron, plastics). There is also the possibility of making individual parts (which have been damaged) on the basis of a drawing or an example.

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